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Clinical Study

With 2 decades of treating skin utilizing both botanical and clinical strength ingredients, the results have been documented and the conclusions are affirmative. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Body + Beauty Lab botanical and clinical products, Body+Beauty Lab has tracked over a 3-month period the progress for 28 subjects with significant levels of sun damage, wrinkles, and surface bacteria/ oil secretion using Visia skin analysis. With the aid of a clinical scanning device called the Visia Scanner, the results proved to be very real and objective. The Visia Scanner captures perfectly registered high-quality, high-resolution facial views to document the effectiveness of the Body+Beauty Lab product line. This diagnostic tool provides meaningful skin evaluations with on-screen and printed reports, and tracks treatment progress with recommendations for a personalized skincare regimen. Visia skin analysis technology provides quantitative values for skin features on a scale of 0 to 100 percent. When numerical data registers closer to 100% this reveals healthier skin.

After 28 days:

43 point improvement in wrinkles 21 point improvement in texture

After 39 days: 63 point improvement in spots 34 point improvement in texture 34 point improvement in pores

After 30 days: 13 point improvement in texture 9 point improvement in pores

After 90 days: 27 point improvement in red areas 23 point improvement in spots 17 point improvement in brown spots

After 30 days, decreased superficial spot count After 30 days, improved skin tone and texture. Reduction in blemishes.